Thursday, June 30, 2011

A note from Jenny

I would just like to point something out if you have not already noticed it. I AM TERRIBLE AT WRITING. I am English/American and English is my first language but my brain just does not like it ha ha ha. I do not however believe that this should stop me from trying and doing my best. I do use my spell check but I am pretty sure it is broken as often times it cant even figure out what I am trying to say. I think I have worn out the part of my screen where the spell check is, from such abundant use. I am also know for making up FABULOUS new words and actually find it fun to try and get out of my mouth what my brain is trying to say. If I could express myself in color and design with a touch of logic problems and math... well I would be able to enter MENSA I am sure, but spelling and grammar are my downfall, NOT my lack of words just my lack of spelling the words :) So please enjoy my Blog and laugh at my writing, for every laugh and smile I can give someone enriches my life too.

Laural our Intern

A couple of days ago we had fun in the store, as usual doing crazy weird and fabulous things. This day was no different except there was no quilting, designing or classes involved. Notice Laural our Intern for 7 weeks from U-Pen. Up on the cutting table taking pictures of our products for a flier, product catalogue and brochure we are planning. We later realised it was easier on the floor and the lighting was not compromised by this hahaha, well we are know for thinking outside of the box. This was one of those days. The store was a bit messy and two favorite customers were in with show and tell as well as to shop. WHAT FUN........

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our teacher Lorato and the lovely ladies in Manyana

I will write more on these lovely ladies and their journey through quilting after we have done the certificate ceremony. In Botswana having a certificate after completing a course is so very important. These ladies have worked hard and have done a fantastic job, we are so proud to have been a part of this. I have to give HUGE thanks to my mom Mrs Case for all of the hard work behind the scenes. Setting up the classes, forming the layout of a handbook, and basically doing everything for this project. A big thanks to Lorato who was our primary teacher for doing such a great job. We have to teach in Setswana and some of the words are not translatable which caused quite a few laughs and hand motions hahaha.

Crazy Cobblestones in Manyana Village

Well here it is at long last. The picture of the Cobblestone Quilt. This picture was taken out at Manyana Village where KQ is teaching some local Village ladies how to Quilt for extra income. I have to say my heart is sore to see this picture. I worked so hard on this quilt and it sold in 2 days. At least it has a happy home and I know the owner :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crazy Cobblestone

This was a fun project for me. Crazy cobblestones. I took a queen sized sheet and cut it into strips in half inch increments starting from 5 1/2 up to 10. I then sewed the crazy blocks and cut them to the closest size I could also in the half inch increments. Pinning them to the sheet took forever. I think I really must have a design wall but space is an issue. This is the last picture I have of it before it was completed. We put it into the store on Sat (we are closed on Sun) and it was sold on Tue. I was trying to explain to one of my student how to put binding on her quilt and noticed she was not looking at me but staring at the wall. She had to have this quilt. I begged for one more day to get pictures of it, so sent it to Manyana Village (where we teach 10 local ladies how to quilt through a project called Lodibo by the Lutheran church) with our ladies and KT to have pictures taken on the ruins there. Lets hope the pictures come out OK because the quilt is gone. I have to say it was my favorite one so far. It went to a good loving home though.