Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This will be a new experience for me. I am trying to build my own on-line shop. Yes I have started up Etsy again but this new one is on Shopify. I hope to be able to link it to my website and blog. I LOVE African fabrics and know its a market I have access to that others don't have.. So watch this space for crying..... anger tantrums..... and yells of glee and success as I have decided to post some of the trials and tribulations of making my own website shop on-line.


Firstly, our Internet here is TERRIBLE. So uploading a picture could be normal time, but other times it may take a day. I understand that offices and such have slightly better Internet speed than I do but they also have the mula (money) for it. Anyhow, I have been lucky this month and been able to get several in without a problem.
Have I said before, I LOVE AFRICAN PRINTS. Well here is a little known fact. Most African prints are NOT made in Africa but printed in Holland and India. However we do have a traditional fabric that we are very proud of. SHWESHWE by Degama in South Africa. Otherwise known as GERMAN PRINT. There is a long history of this fabric being brought over by the Germans into Southern Africa and being adapted for our use. We used to only have Blue(indigo), red and brown. Now we have the most beautiful turquoise, Orange, Reds with Orange, Tuquoise with Orange....WOW. I think Ill give you a picture to show you the different prints (there are hundreds of different prints in each color way.)
Set of 6 Shweshwe fat quarters
Part of the packet above, YUM
Turquoise, green and orange (LOVE)