Tuesday, August 5, 2014



I am BACK (kind of :)

I wont go into the whole longgggg story but give the short version. I broke my nerves. Strange but true. Apparently I had been dealing with too much since my husband passed away. Making sure the kids were fine, the store was fine as well as numerous employees who are like family. It was my turn to break down. 5 months I couldn't even leave the house. I never understood how people could suffer from (whats that called when you cant leave the house???) well I do now. It took me another 4 months to get back into the store a few hours a day and have worked up from there. I still suffer from panic attacks but I fight through them better now. Thank god for my 'MOMMY'. I love you and thank you for being the rock in my life as well as my best friend.
Anyhow, I feel like I have caught up enough with the store and getting things underway that I can do things like my blog again. What fun we have had in this last year, panic aside.

May 2014
I got a call from a lovely energetic yet calm stranger who happened to be the producer of the opening/closing ceremonies. The conversation changed my life. With 3 weeks to go till the African Youth Games held here in Gaborone Botswana they wanted to know if I could make the 'BIG FIVE' for the opening ceremony.......WHAT! No way was that possible. Ian, the lovely energetic yet calm stranger asked what we might be able to do. We came up with a herd of Zebra (the national animal) One prototype done 10 times was the best I could offer. You must remember I am a quilting store,. Ian, however, knows that if you see someone creative and push them in a new direction that anything is possible. So we worked 15 hr days or more the entire time and came in a day before schedule, YAY. So much fun. These Zebra were huge, and true to Kalahari Quilts they were fantastical. Only my main 'dude' was black and white.....OK so he had gold and silver with studs (yes, silver studs) running down his nose and back. The others who I referred to as his harem were multicolored with black stripes. A true Kalahari Quilts herd of Zebra hahaha.
We also volunteered behind the scenes for the costume fittings. My daughter of 10 worked as hard and furiously as any member of the adult teem bless her. She tied almost 200 school kids ties for them. The thing I will remember most out of everything though it the people we met. WOW what a group of fantastic, hard working, fun loving souls. Topping the list is Ian who kept everyone going with his can do attitude. A friend I am glad to have found in this crazy wonderful world. I will never put limits on what I can do again, this lesson has changed my life.

Enough writing for now, I have fun stuff to do today. I will however post some pictures.
Love to all and to all a happy day.