Thursday, January 20, 2011

On the set of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

This is a quilt made up of my favourite squares of African prints. What a pleasure it was to help the set designer find some fun stuff for his set on this series. He walked into my store and said "Wow, can I hire your whole stock for a week" I then politely asked him who he was haha.

Aldo's Aloes

Ah, my Aloe’s. The background on this one was hand painted using light sensitive paints and sticks to create a bursting effect. The Aloe’s are made up of different pieces of black silk, cotton, chiffon and satin fabrics steam a seemed on and embroidery quilted. The name comes from my best friend who fell in love with the quilt and ended up receiving it for his Birthday.

Outdoor Exhibition

This Exhibition was so much fun and incredibly scary too. The venue was Botswana Craft outdoor restaurant. This was a magical setting for the show. We usually have it in their gallery but for several reasons we had it outside this time. The plants and African artifacts were a great bonus to the show but the fear of rain was ever imminent as it was in November. The exhibition was fantastic and the rain held off till almost everyone was gone. What a lovely night that was.

Outdoor Exhibition

Botswana Flag with Traditional fabrics

Kori Bustard

Mowana Moonscape