Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello after so long :) And a special DUMELLA to all my new followers, Thank you
Well we have been so busy at KQ I have had no time to Blog at all. I plan to take time off after Christmas and see what all my friends and people I follow have been up to.
I thought before I forget lets put some pictures up of my new series, sorry the colour is a bit off but I had to get quick pictures of them before they went to new owners. A little background first. My husband passed away almost 3 years ago leaving me with a new business and two lovely little kids. My daughter is 7 now and her Setswana name is Sethunya meaning flower bud, her series is to come later. My sons Setswana and main name is Mowana, the local name for the Baobab tree. The tree of life, mighty and bold. Let me tell you he is living up to his name, he is 10yrs old full of love, life and compassion (and as tall as I am 5'10") This series is mostly for him and his dad who is represented by the moon. Whenever the kids see the moon they say dad is looking down on them, a star was just not good enough for him. So this series is called Mowana Moonscapes. In Botswana we have lovely moons so bold and bright its fantastic, also a bit sereal at times, like a sci-fi picture. The Mowana trees are unbelievable. The local story of the Mowana tree is that many years ago God was angry at man and picked up the tree and threw it down. This is why it looks like the tree is growing roots.
Well enough said, back to work. All these were sold before they hit my wall so off to the drawing board for more before Christmas.