Wednesday, August 1, 2012


YAY my quilt is going to France :)
What an exciting event IQCAfrica was. I did not realize until I was there that I don't get to go to a quilt shop and have a little spree.......I AM THE ONLY QUILT SHOP hahaha. What fun it was to go and see all the other fabrics and notions that my small (albeit fun) quilt shop does not have as demand is still small. I cant wait to have more demand and therefore have more selections. We are working on that, classes, new teachers and generally finding all those closet quilters.
I have to say I went a bit nutty when I saw the stall selling recycled sari silk. WOW what fun I will have with that embellishing quilts. Well that's it for now, my trip was cut short as my daughter got quite sick and then was nice enough to share it with me. Bless her. Back to bed to cozy on down and smile at the thought of MY QUILT GOING TO FRANCE YAY:)