Sunday, March 11, 2012

TAFA list

Firstly if you have not heard about TAFA (Textile and Fiber Art) you MUST go see the site. I am blown away by all the extraordinary talent on there. KQ is a new member so check out our member list as well. Secondly what a deal if you have a business. Half off advertising till MARCH 20th not miss this.  ( The site is creating a wonderful place for Textile and Fiber art people like myself. If you are a possible member contact them for submission too. Just love this site.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I BEG of you to read this post about "art on bed covers". If you dont crack a smile then I truely appologise.

Please note the prices of the Quilts range from P200 to P2000 with the most expensive one being Kgosi Tau at P6280 :) and it was a larger quilt (NOPE it is on the smaller side just very detailed and framed)

Let me explain, we are having an Art Quilt exhibition to which I have posted about. WELL we get most of the newspapers in town come to things like this. It is a smallish City in a country of just over 2million so news like this is kind of hard to come by. Now, I understand not knowing what a Quilt is. I understand therfore not knowing what an ART Quilt is....but as a reporter if I was to say report on the local Kalahari Desert Race I would Google about it. Check what kind of things they do and what they are about before I go so I know what to ask. Well as you can read this did not happen before OR after.
I must say that I was profoundly happy that during this interview I had a witness or no one would believe me how bad it was (well now they will haha). We both could not believe what she was asking. This I forgave as I was in a great mood and even gave her ideas of what to Google like Art Quilts, Kalahari Quilts, Fiber Revolution....even my blog. None of this was written down as she said she knows how to google and what to look up. OK :)
We have had other good articles but this one was soooooo worth sharing under my experiences of quilting in Botswana. Please read it and have fun. Here is Kgosi Tau again (yes he is King Lion)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kalahari Quilts International Exhibition 2012

Here is just a sampling of what we have on show. Unfortunately I do not yet have the good pictures and I am not sure when I will get them so for the other quilts you will just have to wait :)
Mmago Kalahadi

Miss Botswana


Emerald Africa




Kalahari Quilts International Exhibition 2012

@ Linaeus
This is the site of our 2012 International exhibition. What a lovely venue for a show, nestled in a garden nursery with a lovely tea house and such a lot of Character. The nursery name is Sanitas. I have been going there since I was a young kid with my dad who loved gardening. Now I take my kids regularly as I love to garden and have the occasional cup of coffee haha. So lovely to see the place flourish like this over the years