Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Holidays
We have come to the end of the year and a lot to show for it. just to touch on a few: 

  • The first teaching in a Botswana Village (Manyana) Which went extremely well and the ladies did such lovely work.
  • Exhibition at The Straube Center NJ. 
  • Exhibition at The Burrison Gallery University of Pennsylvania PA.
  • The store has hired one new lady who brings a lovely smile everyday no matter what her job is.
  • AND....AND.....KQ has its QR code :) YAY

( I am going to keep adding to this post as my mind is on holiday haha)

Looking forward to next year. 

  • We are hoping to teach five new groups of ladies (approx 50 ladies) the skill of sewing and patchwork so they can enhance their meager wages and improve their way of life. All these ladies will have dependents that rely on them. Due to the high AIDS epidemic in this country and the strong family ties, one lady might have many dependents and not all will be her biological children. One of the ladies working for us (she has gone from a maid to a manager with a heart of gold) has 8 dependents, of which only 3 are her kids. The other 5 are relatives who have lost both parents or their parents are sick and cant look after them. SO this is a situation dear and near to our hearts, we MUST do what we can to help the women of this lovely country come out and better their lives so the kids can do the same. 
  • We will be hiring our next lady in January to come help part time on bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is not my favorite thing in the world, trust me.
  • We have a local exhibition planned in March here at Sanitas
  • I am working on a possible West coast exhibition for later next year.
  • So much more I cant even think....restructuring of staff for more creative input....going to the First Southern African Quilt show in SA this year........Having a mock Quilting Safari in hopes of a GREAT on in 2013......Going EVEN more GREEN......its endless, oh the possibilities for 2012.