Thursday, March 29, 2018

I have taken a small break from quilting to try out my Christmas present to myself, RESIN. What fun. I played around with beads till I got a handle on things and now have coasters woohoo. I thought I would share how to make these with scraps from my quilts.
I bought a mold for these lovely coasters, I know there are many resins out there but I got these and will try out more later. Mix for a ratio of 1:1 (or as your resin directs) stir WELL and pour into mold. I learnt through Youtube how to get rid of the bubbles, gentle heat gun or blow dryer. Its that easy.
The hard part is waiting for 24hrs till you can take them out.

Next you will need:
Good glue
toothpicks or brush

I chose my favorite African print, I had about just enough left for this project so yay.
Glue around the outside edge (on the back of the coaster of course) and a small bit in the middle.
I found gluing the whole thing gave the fabric a funny look, but I might try other glues.
Position the fabric where you want and press down securely. roughly trim.

I wanted something on the back of the coaster to give it a better look than just glues fabric so I looked around my small craft area and found my cork paper, PERFECT. Glue the cork on as you did the fabric. Press fermly, I waited about 1/2 hr and then trimmed the fabric and cork. Its that easy.
You might notice in the back I have a bead. I try not to waist anything so from my little scraps of fabric and cork I made a few beads hahahaha. What fun, but time consuming.

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