Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A quick look at the store

Here are some pictures of the store July 2011
Looking at Hester's first quilt from my class, she is on the Right. :) Me in the middle and Mirrium my manager on the left. I wish I could say I have a thatched hut in the middle of the desert as my store but that is closer to my 5yr dream. For now I have a cute store in a lovely location called The Craft Market. My second store will be thatched with a Lappa for classes and coffee outside with warthogs walking through. Never stop dreaming.
Here is our upside down Mowana (Baobab) tree that holds our threads from the ceiling with fairy lights.


  1. I love your upside down baobab tree!


  2. Hello Jenny,

    Interesting to see what is going on your part of the world. Happy days.

  3. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Thank you for your lovely blog! It's so nice to find quilters from the other side of the world!!! :)

  4. Me encanta esa lampara, increíble...si algún día pongo mi tienda "Dios me ayude" pongo una lampara como esa aunque la tenga que hacer yo misma. Un saludo y gracias por compartir.